Meet our Colors and Elements


Aruna’s colorful and tribal designs are not just a trend. We want to give you an unique and exquisite piece of jewelry in which it designs have a spiritual meaning based on the color and elements from the earth.

The Four Elements

The four basic elements of the creation are rooted in the four elements: air, water, earth and fire. Each represents qualities to be developed by human being.

Air (yellow)  => the flow of nature.
Everything comes and goes as the wind. We come to life and we go away. Let things go away, do not hold the past, just keep the lessons, learn and let things go.

Water (green) => free slow movement.
Let things move slowly and stay where they should stay. Move according to the philosophy of water. It can move or stay and take the shape of everything. So you should move as you have to and stay where you  have to, but always remain calm and adapt to the different circumstances of life.

Earth (blue) => the power of firmness and stability.
You must become like a rock. Do not move away from your dreams, keep fighting for all your desires and wants.  Rocks do not move, so you stay focus on your dreams. No one can achieve any dream or goal without firmness and stability.

Fire (red) => conquering your weakness.
The fire has the power of destruction. Your weakness is your worst enemy. You must conquer any weakness to succeed in life. It does not matter what your dream is (spiritual or material). What matters is to gain it. If you do not find your weakness, you will not fulfill your dream; so first conquer your weakness and then go for what  you really love.


These are the reasons why the Incas had precious symbols and elements from earth, to guide their lives and at the same time they respect the earth. 



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