about the company


ARUNA is a new concept of ethnic jewelry that creates unique pieces to embody the art and wisdom of the ancestors of indigenous Ecuadorians and converts them into modern accessories full of history and energy.

The main inspiration for our jewelry is the Chakana or the Andean Cross, a reoccurring symbol in cultures with Andean roots that represents a strong identity and healthy ethnic pride.  

The Chakana is composed of four sides with three steps on each side and a dot or circle (representing eternity) in the center. Each side identifies with an element of nature that is represented by a different color which signifies:


North: Red,signifies strength, empowerment, and relates with the Head or Representative of the Community. It is the color of fire

South: Green and signifies health and the water

East: Yellow, it signifies the Wind

West: Blue, is the color of nature and of Pachamana or mother earth.


Each design of our necklaces and accessories are a faithful reflection of the soul of its creators, for it does not only show a sublime beauty but also represents the free spirit, casual, elegant, and avant-garde of any women.


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